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What In The World is Going On?

Dearborn Heights City Clerk Walter J. Prusiewicz resigned suddenly from his position just before a council meeting July 22 but has since decided to rescind his resignation and fulfill his term. Full Article Here

84kb cropped versionWhat the Hell happened to the Charter and everyone at the Council table that night saying it’s done it’s over… What happened to the Mayor saying it’s done? What about this Mr. Mayor,

What the Hell happened to the Charter and everyone at the Council table that night saying it’s done it’s over… What happened to the Mayor saying it’s done? What about this Mr. Mayor,

Paletko said his call for an independent party to take over the elections in Dearborn Heights is an attempt to keep Prusiewicz away from the process until his resignation is effective.

To my understanding the Attorney for the City looked into this and said it’s done. Didn’t Miotke compare resigning to death. You can’t go back!  When a resident asked what does the charter call for? He was told that he submitted his resignation with a date and it’s done he’s gone. Something like that anyway got said at the council meeting… Now we are just going to ignore the charter again and oh hum sorry guys my bad I want to stay. I’m sorry, but what in the Hell is going on in this City? You can’t just resign and say all of what you’ve said write all of what you wrote tell the residents I’ve had enough. Then decide that well that didn’t work out the way I thought it would. Meet all day with the Mayor and one Council member and take it all back. No hell with that.

We have a Mayor that has clearly stated that the Charter for once I thought anyway was going to be followed only to find out not so fast we’ve not followed it before and nobody said anything let’s do it again. The Mayor in no uncertain terms stated he doesn’t want this man to run the election there can’t be a bigger indictment then that. How you going to walk all of this back now Mr. Mayor? How about you Council members?  I know how about we do this,


They sure as hell aren’t doing anyone any good I’ve never seen such a Mickey Mouse operation. Every one of you on the Council and you Mr. Mayor should be ashamed of yourselves.  You, you Mr. (former) Clerk how dare you treat the residents, the Charter, this City and the position that so many in-trusted to you so callously? Maybe you’ve taken a page from the Council and Mayors playbook; you know the one how to keep showing the residents how irrelevant they are.

Just like that folks he rescinds his resignation and he’s back as the City Clerk. He who just said 48 hours ago said he didn’t want the job. I guess the rules only apply to those of us paying the bills in this City. The rest those elected and those that have a chair at the Mayors round table don’t have to follow any laws/rules.

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Dearborn Heights Clerk Resigns

Mayor Paletko doesn’t want clerk to run election. 

Mayor Paletko Doesn’t Want Electon Handled by The Clerk’s Office…

In a phone interview with The Arab American News, Dearborn Heights Mayor Dan Paletko distanced himself from Prusiewicz, calling for the secretary of state or the Wayne County clerk to oversee the elections in the city. He also confirmed that some ballots were denied.

“The city clerk is elected separately,” Paletko said. “I had a chat with him. I do not fully understand why the absentee ballots were denied. The reasons he provided were more technical than practical.”

The mayor said he takes the allegations seriously. He added that challenging absentee ballot requests is concerning because it runs the risk of denying citizens’ right to vote.

“Voting is the primary right established in a democracy. There is a significant reasonable doubt being placed over the vote,” he said. “To assist the process, we have to remove that doubt by having a new party run the elections.”

He added that he fears the story will bring negative national attention to the area, which is already struggling with image and looking like a “third world country” because of the Detroit water crisis. Hence, he said, he wants the election to not be handled by the clerk’s office.  Read the Rest Here

Dearborn Heights City Clerk Resigns at City Council Meeting On July 22, 2014

The Clerk at the Tuesday July 22 council meeting did submit a list of reasons for resigning I’ve been told that there are several reasons and absentee voter applications are just one of them…He all so has a problem as he stated with the City as a whole and he did say that last night on WXYZ Detroit you can see it here.

The Clerk who was just Re-elected in November has decided for several reasons to leave. He’s stated in his letter to the council according to people who’ve read it I haven’t yet. that his office is understaffed. I’d like to point out the obvious this is of his own doing. Least we all forget this is the same man who not  so many months ago City Council Censured for sexual harassment. That was swept under the rug as fast as Council and the administration could do it… This is the same man who said he could work under the budgetary constraints that the City now finds it’s self in… Only to have him put in for and our great council gave him back the deputy clerk position in this years budget. He’s whined for months about being understaffed as if he’s the only damn department in the City understaffed.

He talks of a New hire that only worked for 4 days and left. Writing a letter stating that she could not work in such a toxic environment as City Hall… If she only worked for 4 days when did she have any time to socialize with anyone in City Hall? Sorry, but wasn’t this person learning a new job? Did she learn that job in 4 Days?  Now a story comes out voters being denied the right to vote at the Clerks office.  The Clerk in his interview is talking about the applications sent in to the Clerks office and that these absentee ballot applications did not get filled out correctly. This maybe true, but what was asked by the reporter was the fact that more than one person of Arab decent went to the Clerks office asked to vote absentee at City Hall. This under the law is well within the rights of any resident of Dearborn Heights to do. They fill out the application while standing there, and this person did that. When they asked for the ballot to vote they were told not once, twice, but three times that the ballot would be mailed to them. Why?

Below is the press release sent to every City Council members, the Mayor and to news media.


Attorney Fatina Abdrabboh, the Director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)-Michigan Office is asking the FBI, US Attorney’s Office, and the Attorney General to look into allegations of voter discrimination in the City of Dearborn Heights. The ADC-Michigan received credible complaints from numerous Arab-Americans alleging that the city of Dearborn Heights deliberately prevented many of them from submitting absentee ballots for the upcoming elections while they are vacationing in the Middle East. In some cases Dearborn Heights residents were told they would be “mailed” absentee ballot applications despite the fact that the residents informed city officials that “mailed” applications would be useless while they were overseas. The ADC-Michigan reached out to Dearborn Heights officials seeking an explanation of why many Arab-Americans were deprived of their right to vote via absentee ballots and why many other applications had not been processed.

Furthermore, the ADC-Michigan demands a thorough investigation into reports of misconduct, intimidation, and bias towards voters by the City of Dearborn Heights. The ADC-Michigan is also concerned about the circumstances surrounding the announcement of the Dearborn city clerk’s resignation amidst the ongoing voter suppression allegations. Also, it is especially troubling that Council Woman Marge Horvath sent a dismissive response basically attempting to guarantee that no violations could have taken place prior to any authority reviewing the evidence.

The Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965 guarantees all ethnic and racial minorities the right to vote without obstacles. Specifically, Section 2 of the VRA prohibits minority vote dilution or any tactics, circumstances, or rules that impede or weaken the ability of minorities to vote and gain fair representation. Section 5 of the VRA enables Arab-Americans and other minorities to challenge discriminatory voting practices. ADC-Michigan Director Attorney Abdrabboh said, “The fact that voter intimidation and voter bias exists 50 years after the Voting Rights Act was passed is shocking” , she continued, “Voting is a cornerstone of democracy and Arab-Americans will not stand by and allow this fundamental right to be violated by any city government anywhere.” If the concerns of the ADC-Michigan are not addressed appropriately, the ADC-Michigan will pursue all necessary legal action to uphold Section 5 of the VRA.

Credible allegations of tactics by government officials to suppress voter rights must be taken seriously. There are credible professional citizens who complained that on different occasions government officials in Dearborn Heights intentionally violated their right to vote.

Here’s the reply to the ADC from Councilwoman Horvath.

Ms. Abdrabbah,
I am sure that your organization will find no wrong doing in our Clerk’s Office.  I have been around here long enough to know that our Clerk’s Office, no matter who is in charge, has been the example of excellence in voter application, voter registration and voting.  I, as a citizen and an elected official stand behind the Clerk’s office as an efficiently run office until someone proves otherwise.  Whatever else you may find fault with in that office integrity in that office should not be one of them.  I find it disheartening that when things don’t go as we like drastic measures sometime are taken.
Councilwoman Marge Horvath

I’m glad Councilwoman Horvath is sure that wrong doing won’t be found. I’m happy that she has such strong feelings towards the Clerk. However Councilwoman Horvath knows better than anyone in City Hall just what people are capable of doing in this City.  Her and I have discussed it many, many times over the past 4 or 5 years. She is no stranger to what goes on, and just for the record she was not there when this person came into vote absentee at the Clerks office. To make a statement “when things don’t go as we like drastic measures sometime are taken. ” Things didn’t go who’s way? a voter who is asking to vote absentee at City Hall within their rights to do so under the law. 3 times this person was told we will send it to you. This isn’t a matter of something not going someones way, this is someones rights being violated. ‘Disheartening’ indeed Councilwoman Horvath that you don’t see that.


Old Orchard Pond What Should The City Do?

Streambank Stabilization

Project: River Oaks (Old Orchard) Storm Water Detention Basin Retrofit/Restoration (SN2-08)
Project #: SN2-08
Lead Agency: City of Dearborn Heights
Status: Active
Project Description:The Old Orchard Pond was restored to create a wetland natural habitat and improve water quality along the Rouge River. Sediment that has filled the pond was tested and removed, the outlet structure was reconstructed to the original design, and the pond banks were stabilized. This is a collaborative effort between local residents, the City of Dearborn Heights and Wayne County. This project is part of a bigger project that will include a new wetland that will receive the discharge from the Old Orchard Pond.
Project/Report Summary :Through the collaborative effort of the City of Dearborn Heights, Wayne County and the River Oaks Neighborhood Association, the project demonstrates the possibility of retrofitting existing detention ponds and basins for detention, creation of natural wetland areas, and treatment of storm water runoff.

Click on Streambank Stabilization, to view the complete list of community based projects in this category. To view community based projects in another category, click here

The purpose of these descriptions is to provide a general idea of the activities underway. Changes may occur in projects as they progress; however, you can contact the agency contact person for additional, up-to-date information.

To learn more about the Community Grants Program click here.

Other Sources of Grant Funding: Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection

Last Updated: 5/15/02Please address all comments and suggestions about the contents of this Web page to rougeweb@co.wayne.mi.us.

The Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project is funded, in part, by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Grants #XP995743-01, -02, -03, -04, -05, -06, -07 and C-264000-01.

source: Watreshed Restoration Project 

Heres the proposal from Wade Trim copy and pasted from the internet. First thing to take note of is the Mayor requested Wade Trim do this so the City is already spending money on this just to have this report made up. The above information say’s that this was already done and if I’m reading the SN2-08 correct the project was done in 2002 with the City, residents, and Wayne county. How much did it cost the City? If not done in 2002 when was it done? It’s not working so why spend more money on it?

Page 1
June 13,2014 A,” 224 L?
City of Dearborn Heights
6045 Fenton Avenue
Dearborn Heights, Mi 48127
Attention: Honorable Daniel S. Patetko, Mayor
Re: City of Dearborn Heights
Oid Orchard Pond Restoration
Design Engineering Proposal
Dear Mayor:
At your request, we have prepared this proposal to assist your City in the restoration of the
Old Orchard Pond located in the River Oaks Subdivision. The Old Orchard Pond, originally
established in the 1930’s, has become stagnant, developing mosquitoes and causing bank
erosion of adjacent areas, due to the lack of a functioning storm water system. The pond is
presently degraded, with severe accumulation of sediment, causing taiiure of the pond
drainage system. The natural spring feeding the pond has also been biocked, causing
stagnation of flow, mosquito infestation, and shoreline erosion. Due to these conditions,
proper storm water detention and moderation of storm water levels within the pond also
cannot occur.
The goats of the proposed Project are the foilowing1
a Reverse ongoing degradation (sediment and debris accumulation, stagnant water,
mosquito infestation) within the Old Orchard Pond to control stormwater runoff and
improve water quality Witnin the Pond.
8 Create a Forebay area in the Pond to enhance future treatment for sediment
e Rehabiiitate the Pond outiet structure to estabiisb proper detention of storm water
@ Remove dead and fallen trees and stabilize the banks with vegetation in these
affected areas.
To accomplish the above obiectives, it is proposed to hydraulicaily dredge the pond to
remove accumutated sediments and the pond spillway structure wiil be reconfigured to
Wade trim Associates, Inc. 734.947.9700
25251 Nortniine Road 8004822864
RD. Box 20 734.947.9726 fax é4§
Taytor. M? 48180 wwwwadetrimcom \m’»)

Page 2
City of Dearborn Heights
June 13,2014
Page 2
regulate storm water outflow from the pond. Our office will prepare pians and specifications
and assist the City in obtaining the necessary permits from MDEQ and Wayne County to
meet the goats of this project. .
To proceed with the Project, we hereby request authorization from the City to prepare
design plans and specifications, acquire the necessary permits for construction, and
advertise for bids in the amount not to exceed $40,000. After bids are received, a
recommendation for award will be submitted to the City for your consideration. Upon
authorization to proceed, we can begin work immediately. If you have any questions
regarding this proposal, feel free to contact our office.
Very truiy yours,
We Trim Associates, inc.
Daniel R. Brooks, PE
Oid Orchard Pond Prop’osaidoo
cc: Mr. William Zimmer, Public Service Administrator
Source: Google Maps
I was wondering if someone on the south end of Dearborn Heights could tell us if the ‘Rat’ problem is under control? Did the administration ever see to it that our ordinance officers received the training from the City of Dearborn free for “Vector Control?” Seams to me that the Mayor is more than willing to spend money and go out of his way to have study’s and reports done for this. Why? Is the question everyone should ask. If the health hazard with the ‘Rats’ has been taken care of great if not then I hope there is going to be an outcry from the residents on the south end of Dearborn Heights.  If you’re not familiar with the rat problem you can read about it in the Press and Guide Here
I could not imagine living with this mess in my back yard just like I couldn’t live with rat holes in my back yard and rats running all around.   I do feel for all the homes around this pond.  I do feel however that it might be time to fill this in and be done with the problem.  That option might hold problems of its own, but it should be looked into whatever the City, County and the residents have done in the past clearly didn’t solve the problem. Someone said here on the blog that if the taxes haven’t been paid that the City might have the option to buy this pond for 1 dollar or something like that.
What would the City do with it then? If they filled it in and wanted to keep the land to sell I don’t see how. As you can see from the satellite image that area is surrounded by homes you would be building homes that have to have sewer lines and water lines laid down. That would be done by the City/County at what cost? Councilwoman Horvath stated very clearly that the City doesn’t own the property.
 Marge Horvath, who stated that the pond is privately owned by the neighborhood association in River Oaks, not by the city.
Source: Down River Sunday Times
Pribak also recommended the removal of dead and fallen trees and stabilizing the banks with vegetation, rehabilitating the pond outlet structure to establish proper detention of storm water run-off, creating a forebay area in the pond to enhance future treatment for sediment removal and to reverse the ongoing degradation within the pond to control stormwater and improve water quality in the pond. Source: Down River Sunday Times.
SN2-08 did just that… According to what they posted read above why if it didn’t work would the City do that again? This is estimated to cost 250,000.00 that amount isn’t finial not until they can get the area professionally inspected.
If you want to read the article in the Down River Sunday Times click here. It’s going to be interesting to see what will happen in the months to follow I hope a solution is found for those who live in that area.

The Private Pond That No One Wants to Take Care Of.

Here’s what I know about the “pond” discussed at the last council meeting. This pond is privately owned by the people who live in that area.. From what I understand this pond was deeded to each home owner  an association that’s no longer active or they just don’t care any more use to take care of this pond.. Unless they want to turn the pond into a public area that all of us can go to not sure why the City should pay to have it cleaned up. Having said that if I lived in that area I would not be happy at all.  I would be knocking on every door of my neighbors and reading just what my responsibility is to the pond. If this information is correct the people who live in that area need to get together pool their money and hire a company to do this clean up.

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It’s Not Over-Time It’s Triple Time For DPW Wokers In Dearborn Heights…

On The 4th of July the City of Dearborn Heights Paid triple time to its DPW workers… A resident snapped some pictures of a Dearborn Heights DPW truck delivery sod someplace on Norborn street.  Work conducted on any holiday is paid as (triple time) the 4th of July is a holiday. When asked over the past two years by residents and council members the Mayor has said absolutely NO OVER-TIME. Over the years many residents have said they’ve seen DPW working on Fridays the day the City is closed.  This when residents of Dearborn Heights passed the Headlee Override giving the Mayor an extra 3 million dollars a year to work with… Council you must act.

I’ve posted this on Facebook and councilwoman Hicks-Clayton responded with this.

Lisa Hicks-ClaytonI am pursuing this and have requested information such as the work order for the water main break, etc. I have been in touch with all parties (residents and DPW)

Water main break, when? Putting down the grass couldn’t wait until Monday? Come on council you’re going to settle for a work order? So what if there was a work order? I’ve seen the grass torn up for months after a water main is fixed. There has even been residents at council meetings that have complained about how long it takes to put the sod down and clean up the area after a water main break.

No council…It’s time an investigation was done of the DPW department. Council get the time sheets for every employee in this department. Don’t make a “call” and ask them if they are working over-time. Enough is enough our City is still closed one day a week, and residents approved the Headlee Override giving the City 3 million a year extra to work with…Is this how the administration is spending that money? Is this how you are going to watch out for my tax dollar council? Thanks so much…

This is just one truck on that day how many other DPW workers worked on the 4th of July? Without question there is no way that this employee went to the DPW yard and picked up a truck on a holiday if that yard wasn’t open and the director of this department wasn’t working. Council as a taxpayer of Dearborn Heights I demand that each and every one of you investigate this and answer to us the people who are flipping the bill for all this abuse of spending… It’s your JOB!!!

We asked for Nixle, City can’t pay for it. We beg for an E-Newsletter, City can’t pay for it. Facebook page (free) can’t have it. Twitter (free) nope…This the City can afford to pay for. What about it Jo? You think this is a good way to spend the taxpayers money? Councilwoman Horvath you asked several times about the over-time for DPW workers. Mayor looked you right in the eye and said there wasn’t any over-time. What are you going to do about it? If it’s like any of the other things that have happened over the past 5 years nothing will get done. The administration will slither right out of it… They always do.

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It’s Such a Small Amount You won’t Even Feel It.

Residents do you know that every two months a charge of $4.50 is on your water bill. That is $27.00 a year not too much right? Multiply that $27.00 a year by aprox 30,000 homes in Dearborn Heights and what do your get? $810,000.00 to the City of Dearborn Heights Water Department. What is this service charge for? Council members that I’ve asked over the years tell me “well how do you think we pay to clean the sewers in the City? Interesting thing is if you are servicing the sewers and they are. I’ve seen the very detailed reports from the company that cleans the sewers in the City.  Job getting done bill gets paid so I ask those on the council if the $810,000.00 accumulated from this service fee is going to maintain and service our sewers why is there still such a copious amount left in the water fund? Strange that our city officials wouldn’t see fit to maybe cut that amount from our water bills. After all the water fund is very healthy and there is more than enough to cover the expenses for the department and cleaning and maintaining the sewers. Strange that there would be so much money left in the water fund after expenses…why is that? Can anyone on the council answer that question?