Five Years And Still Going.

This blog started five years ago this month within a week of its conception the lawyer for the City posted this to the blog click here to read.  Paid for by the residents of Dearborn Heights. This blog has come a long way commenters have come and gone and then come back again. I’ve been sued because of this blog I’ve had the most horrible things said to me via the comment section. Most just calling me vile names and statements of what they would like to do to me. I never posted those comments feeling that they just didn’t have a place here and not wanting to give them a space to vomit such things. Same goes for some of the vile comments about certain employees of the City. I just didn’t feel that they had a place here, and if it doesn’t concern their job performance, or lack of I wasn’t willing to post such gossip. I’ve always liked a debate here on the blog, and have encouraged that on every issue I write about. It’s been my way of thinking that we are all entitled to our own opinion and you don’t have to agree with what I say. State your facts and show me where I’m wrong.

I’ve written here about cars,  phones, illegal hired personal, contracts, over-time, the Headlee override, the closing of the City one day a week. Budgets, technology, lawyer invoices, NSP program and more. There’s been a common theme here from me the truth. 

I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it’s hell.

-Harry Truman

The blog you could say has matured or come of its own in these five years. Still City officials poo, poo this blog, call all that’s posted here lies. What they can’t run from however is their own recorded in the past five years. There have been issues that I wrote about here that did get resolved. The taking home of  cars  by department heads. The council fought the Mayor all the way to take away the cars from department heads. How many of those cars were given back to the department heads? The CEDD director had his car taken away later it was given back to him. He stated that the car was paid for from CDBG money. Later former council woman Badalow found out after many emails and telephone calls that CDBG money isn’t supposed to be used for the payment of a leased car for the department head. The director of the building department had his car returned to him to take home at night. To my understanding all of the trucks taken home by DPW workers are still being taken home. The deputy of the fire department takes a car home as does the chief. The chief of police takes a car home and I’ve since learned so do several other police officers.

Back in 2010 I started taking an interest in the IT of the City and at that time the council was too. So much so that they had a study done by Plante Moran. The study recommended,

  • the creation of an IT steering Committee,
  • implement a formal IT governance structure,
  • develop a more detailed IT strategic plan.

Among many more recommendations if implemented theses measures would have saved the City money in the long run. The council did hire Dearborn as IT for the city and I’ve heard that there have been some improvements.  Fast forward to 2014 and the same woman who said this

Councilwoman Horvath pointed out that the Mayor has to be excited about this, and show enthusiasm for the project. After all he is the head of this city, and even if he is not tech savvy he should put his best face on this.

Is now fighting us all the way and at that time she was one of several on the council in the forefront of this. When I wrote the post I said “I would like to see city council meetings online,” That was 4 years ago and still we don’t have council meeting online. Even with the advancement of YouTube and being able to make your own channel there. You can read the whole post here if your interested. In 2013 I wrote a post again about technology and the lack of its use in the city and by officials in the city. In that post I showed just how long this subject has been discussed and no action has ever been taken. Since 2002 that’s how long ago this subject was brought before the council. Former councilwoman Badalow brought up the use of E-Packets. You can read the whole post here and how many times over the years while Janet Badalow was there that she asked for this.

In the five years that I’ve been writing here I’ve seen the council try to fight the contract of the police officers union. A contract that took a year and half to get negotiated the council said no and wanted to hire their own lawyer to look into it. The council in the end decided it was going to cost the city too much money. The councils concern was what they wanted brought to the negotiation table was never brought to the table.  To this day the council never found out if what they wanted brought to the negotiation table was ever even talked about.  I’m very curious as to what the council will do differently in 2016 when all these contracts are opened up. Will they insist on having someone from the council or someone representing the council at that table? Will they hire a contract negotiator to monitor contracts negotiations?

We’ve seen our council and Mayor close down our City every Friday. The closure of the City one day a week was sold to the council as a measure that if not working could be stopped. When council came back to the Mayor with complaints by residents and employees and the council wanted to open the City back up on Fridays. They Mayor informed them that wasn’t an option.  The one day a week that the City is closed is part of a letter of understanding in a union contract. That contract can’t be opened up until 2016. The cost savings  the Mayor said would result if the City closing one day a week have never been studied/monitored. There hasn’t been anything on going no charts no ‘hard evidence’ showing what’s been saved. Now that this one day is part of a union contract we’re stuck with it. Just what do you think the City is going to have to give to open the City back up 5 days a week?

Over the years people have asked why I keep at it? Simple the people have a right to know the “Truth.”  As hard as some of it is to believe it’s the truth. These things are happening in our City. I want people to get involved in what ever way they can. Our City the City of Dearborn Heights did its business for years unobserved. Who was looking? Who was bothering to take a look at all those invoices in the agenda packets? (besides the council.) Who was writing about anything that was going on here? No one.  I would like residents to know what their tax dollar is spent on. I don’t know if this blog has made any difference in the City? I know it’s made a difference for me. I never paid attention to things happening in the City. What was getting approved and why. I never went to a council meeting (I’m sure many wish I would have never started.)

I remember in the beginning I use to call Councilwoman Horvath and former Councilwoman Badalow with endless questions that both woman spent much time answering. I would say to both of them, “but why can’t you just do this and get it done?” Until one or maybe both explained to me that our city is run with a (strong Mayor weak council system.) That took me to the charter to gain more information and understanding and so on. One thing is for sure it’s been an eye opening experience knowledge is a very good thing. Once you see and once you understand it’s very hard to turn a blind eye to what is going on.

Take a look back at the older post some very interesting things happened over the past five years and they are worth looking at.  Make sure to come over to the Facebook Page for this blog  let me know what you remember over the past five years? On Twitter @heights48127 or as always post your comments here.


Important Deadline Approaching For Those Who Flooded.

United States Senator Debbie Stabenow - Michigan
Dear Linda,

There is an important deadline approaching on Monday, November 24, for residents of Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties affected by the flash flooding and record rainfall this past August. It is very important that those who suffered damages because of the severe storms and flooding know about this upcoming deadline.  If you were not personally affected, I would appreciate you passing on this information to your friends, neighbors or family members who may have been impacted.

As you may know, President Obama issued a major disaster declaration for these counties which brings some federal assistance for state and local governments, as well as assistance for individuals and families impacted by this disaster. Even if residents filed an insurance claim, registered with their local government, or received assistance from a local agency, they may still be eligible for federal individual assistance.

The only way to determine eligibility for federal disaster assistance is to register with FEMA, either by phone, online, or by visiting a local recovery support site before the November 24th deadline.

Residents can register for individual assistance at, or by calling 1-800-621-FEMA (3362). The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week until further notice.

FEMA has set up four disaster recovery centers to assist residents who suffered damages and losses in the August 11-13 severe storms and flooding. Also, resources and meeting times with FEMA specialists are available for residents who are rebuilding and want to reduce the risk of property damage from future storms. For more detailed information on these centers and resources, visit the FEMA web page dedicated to the southeast Michigan flooding at

As always, please let me know if I can be of assistance to you and your family.

Debbie Stabenow
United States Senator

For Those Who Live In The 13th House District One of Your Candidates.

For those of you who live in the 13th district you might like to take a look at candidate Harry Sawicki website and/or Facebook Page. I believe we should all get to know the people that we are voting for. With that in mind I’ve posted this letter from the candidate and links to his sites. Be an #imformedvoter
Many of you do not know that I am running for State Representative in the 13th House District.  This area included a good portion of Dearborn Heights (precinct 13 through 27), all of Allen Park and Southgate.
Please take a moment to visit my Website or Facebook page and see why I am running.  I am asking you to make some type of commitment to helping me win this election.  I need people to make calls at the Centers, make literature drops, distribute signs and make contributions.  I am sure all our candidates running would appreciate the same consideration from you.
Michigan needs to keep on the economic growth path that we have started in this state.
Facebook:    VoteSawicki
Thank you

Informational Flood Assistance Meeting With FEMA and Dearborn Heights.

Dearborn Heights/FEMA to Co-Host Informational Flood Assistance Meeting October 9

To further assist Dearborn Heights residents who have questions or concerns regarding their eligibility for flood assistance through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the City of Dearborn Heights, along with FEMA representatives are hosting an informational meeting the evening of Thursday, October 9.

Meeting details are as follows:

City of Dearborn Heights /FEMA Informational-Assistance Meeting

Provide on-site information & clarification for residents with questions and/or concerns regarding their eligibility for flood assistance, as well as assist those who require help preparing/completing the FEMA application process.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Richard A. Young Center, 5400 McKinley Street, Dearborn Heights

7:00 p.m.

Representatives from several of FEMA’s assistance-related divisions (governing assistance grants/loans/etc.) will be on hand to present information on the types of flood-related assistance available through their respective divisions, as well as clarify the specifics regarding eligibility and the application process.

Following the presentations, the FEMA staff will be available to meet with residents individually to provide assistance with specific questions, concerns or assist with the application process.

Facebook and Why It’s Used.

Councilman Berry was wondering what Westland was using  Facebook  for? What are the goals of that City? The response by Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton was all you need to do is look at the Facebook Page with every post they put you can see what the goal is.  Here is just one thing that Westland posted on that city’s Facebook Page This Week In Westland

There are departments in Dearborn Heights that are already using Facebook Dearborn Heights Parks and Recreation Department.  You can follow the Dearborn Heights Firefighters  The John F. Kennedy, Jr library in Dearborn Heights has their own Facebook Page. Caroline Kennedy Library has a page on Facebook take a look here.  You can follow both libraries on twitter 

Some of the business in Dearborn Heights who have a Facebook Page, Biggby Coffee, Applebees’s and Dearborn Heights Pharmacy. There are more I’m sure. Why is this important to the city? When the City makes our new Facebook Page they can then go and like all of the pages I’ve listed including the business in the city. When those groups, departments, and business post something on those Facebook Page it will go to the Facebook Page of the City.

Something interesting I found today Lowell, MI population 3,859 as of 2013 3.1 sq miles has a Facebook Page 



There is More Than Just Loans Abailable From FEMA.

IMPORTANT: There Is More Available Than Just Low-Interest Loans

Some residents are circulating a rumor that the only flood relief FEMA is offering to residents is in the

form of low-interest loans. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Depending upon each resident’s eligibility, there may

also funding available in the form of grants (that may not need to be paid back) – and these opportunities

are available to both homeowners and renters.

The only way to determine if you are eligible to receive any FEMA/Federal funding is to complete

and submit an application to FEMA for assistance. That process is described in the paragraph below,

titled “Residents/Business Owners May Now Apply for Federal Assistance.”


If you apply to FEMA for assistance within the 60-day window (60 days from the September 25

Presidental Disaster Declaration), you may qualify to receive FEMA grant funding to help offset your

losses. However, if you do not apply (because you believe the only assistance available is in the form of a

loan), it is guaranteed that you will miss out on the opportunity.

Displaying Grant vs. Loan Notice.doc.

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