This Weeks E-Letter From Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton

Greetings Everyone!
This e-mail contains city news, events and happenings.  The purpose of the e-letter is to communicate with our residents and promote our community.

Once again, the Holidays are coming and will be here before we know it. We family members, of U.S. Troops, know the need to send care packages to our deployed service members, especially at Christmas time.

This year, Military Moms United, will be gathering items, to send to the army base /unit stationed in Korea, and Afghanistan. Many young soldiers are in need of American support & care items this year. 80 troop members stationed in Afghanistan are in need of much love…it’s COLD over there.

Socks (black or white), foot powder, breakfast bars, Christmas items (non-denominational) , stationary,
card games, Wylie fruit punch water additives (Dollar Tree) , hand warmers, beanie caps,

Our Troop packaging, is scheduled on Monday, December 1st, at 6:00 pm at Caroline Kennedy Library, in program room B.


SNOW REMOVAL 2014-2015
Seniors and disabled residents can get free snow removal sponsored by the City of Dearborn Heights again this winter. Contact me Mark Parrinello by e-mail or by phone at 313 277-7414to be added to the list.

The list is renewed each year. If you were on the list last year and wish snow removal again please contact me.

Snow will be removed from the front of your home, walkways and driveways. Usually snow removal is done on Monday Wednesday and Fridays. Snow removal is dependent on the amount of workers we have on these days. It is also not guaranteed your snow will be removed on these days due to the amount of persons who sign up for this service.

Cpl. M. Parrinello
Dearborn Heights Police
Crime Prevention Officer

Organizing our Dearborn Heights Veterans Day Ceremony Committee. Want to help? Here is an opportunity to come together, uniting our community and honoring our Veterans. Join the Dearborn Heights Veterans Day 2015 Committee. Call Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton at313.633.1845.

On Tuesday, November 11, 201, the Dearborn Heights City Council approved the Canfield Arena Contract Agreement between the City and Family Entertainment Properties, Inc. The Canfield Ice Arena may be used as a sports and recreation facility, which may include the following recreation activities:

Ice Hockey and Ice Skating
Roller Skating
Roller Blading
Indoor Soccer
Indoor Lacrosse
In-line Skating

Section 6.3: “Due to changes in circumstances… the market for facilities that offer ice hockey and ice skating activities has diminished. …. no longer have an obligation to operate the Premises as an ice arena or offer programming such as ice hockey or ice skating.”


Have you contacted FEMA yet to file your claim? Time is running out!

Residents who experienced flood damage from the August storm have only a few weeks left to contact FEMA to become eligible for any type of federal financial assistance. Since President Obama signed the emergency declaration making this a “declared disaster”, FEMA has made available both grants and low-interest loans to residents who have experienced uninsured losses. If you had any flood-related losses that were not covered by insurance (such as if you had to replace your furnace, hot water heater, etc.) you may qualify to have these expenses reimbursed. BUT YOU MUST APPLY DIRECTLY TO FEMA BEFORE NOVEMBER 24 TO QUALIFY!!!

To apply, contact FEMA online at, or call 1-800-621-3362. You can also register with web-enabled mobile devices at Disaster assistance applicants who experience speech or hearing challenges and use TTY should call 1-800-462-7585. Those who use 711 or Video Relay Service (VRS) should call 1-800-621-3362.

IMPORTANT: The claim form you filed with the City of Dearborn Heights shortly after the flood is not the same process – YOU MUST FILE SEPARATELY WITH FEMA AS DESCRIBED ABOVE TO QUALIFY FOR ANY AVAILABLE GRANTS OR LOANS.

Apply today – FEMA will not accept any applications for financial assistance afterNovember 24.

Dearborn Heights City Hall will be closed on Thursday, November 27, 2014 in observation of Thanksgiving.  Offices will re-open on Monday, December 1, 2014.
Dearborn Heights Tree Lighting Ceremony will be on Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 7:00 p.m. at City Hall, 6045 Fenton.  Please join us for choir performance, Christmas caroling, hot chocolate and family fun!
The Dearborn Heights Berwyn and Eton Senior Centers will be closed the week of November 24-28, 2014.
Senior Centers Christmas Parties!
Berwyn Senior Center, 26155 Richardson, Tuesday, December 16, 2014, 12:30-3:00 p.m. $12 admission includes a traditional turkey dinner meal catered by Veronica and various desserts. Entertainment , raffle & prizes!  Call 313.791.3550
Eton Senior Center, 4900 Pardee, Thursday, December 11,2014, 12:30-3:00 p.m. $12 admission includes Christmas Around the World meal, raffle, and share the wealth! Call313.277.7765
Come experience something new at East High! Shows are on November 14, 15, 20, 21, and 22 @ 7pm in the Crestwood High School Auditorium, 1501 N Beech Daly Rd, Dearborn Heights, MI 48127. Ticket Prices: $10.00 door, $7.00 presale from any drama student, $8.00 for students (with ID) and CSD employees, $7.00 senior citizens.
Office Hours for Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton:
Office/ coffee hours for this week:Monday, November 17, 10:00 a.m. at Berwyn Senior Center, 26155 Richardson, Dearborn Heights, MI

Monday, November 17, 11:30 a.m. at Eton Senior Center, 4900 Pardee, Dearborn Heights, MI

Tuesday, November 18, 10:00 a.m. at Eton Senior Center, 4900 Pardee, Dearborn Heights, MI

Dearborn Heights City Council study session for Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 7:00 p.m.; Plante Moran Audit for 2013/2014 fiscal year.
Main street is economic development.  It is developing a strategy that uses current assets to make our community competitive.  Michigan has based much of its economic development strategy on the concept of placemaking.  By engaging in placemaking, our elected officials work to capitalize on local assets in order to create appealing places where people wish to work, live, and play.
The Dearborn Heights Commission on Aging is seeking residents which are interested in serving our senior citizen population through programs and services.  The Commission on Aging meets the 2nd Monday of each month at the Canfield Center, 1801 N. Beech Daly, 6:00 p.m.
For those individuals who have nowhere to go or no nearby family on Thanksgiving, St. Mel’s Church in Dearborn Heights is offering a free meal for singles or couples on 1 pm Thanksgiving day.  Reservations are required.  St. Mel’s Church is located at 7506 Inkster Road in Dearborn Heights. For reservations, call the parish office at (313) 274-0684, Ext. 26
Last week for yard waste, leaves, etc. in Dearborn Heights,is November 24, 2014.
Q: What is the City of Dearborn Heights “Snow Emergency” ordinance?
A:  Dearborn Heights city ordinance #32-554 prohibits vehicles from being parked on any city street when there is an accumulation of snow/ice to a depth of three (3) inches or more.  The ordinance also prohibits vehicles from being parked on city streets during emergencies as declared by the Mayor of the City of Dearborn Heights.
Residents are reminded to remove snow from the sidewalks within 24 hours of snowfall completion.
In closing, I am working to create a contact listing for our U.S. Representatives and Senators, as well as State Elected Officials, which are members of the Environmental -related committees.  In 2011, the Army Corps of Engineers completed a survey related to the flooding along the Ecorse Creek.  Thanks to U.S. Senator Levin, that study has been taken off the shelf and is in committee.  I encourage our residents to write letters, send pictures and share your story with committee members.  We must be vigilant and pursue funding at the federal and state levels for this project.  By funding the project, only then can we truly move forward to a resolution in the best interest of our residents- health, wellness and safety.  Please feel free to contact me anytime at 313.633.1845.
Serving our Community,
Lisa Hicks-Clayton
Dearborn Heights City Council Member

Joint Management Committee… Of The Downriver Sewage Disposal System.




Allen Park William MatakasCity of Allen Park

16850 Southfield Rd.

Allen Park, MI  48101

Tom WilsonCity of Allen Park

16850 Southfield Rd.

Allen Park, MI  48101  Passed – Resolution Approved 8/12/14
Belleville Keith Tackett6 Main Street

Belleville, MI  48111


DianeKollmeyer6 Main Street

Belleville, MI  48111 Passed – Resolution Approved  3/17/14
Brownstown Twp. Mark GahryBrownstown Township

21313 Telegraph Road

Brownstown, MI  48183

Rodney JulianBrownstown Township

21313 Telegraph Road

Brownstown, MI 48183 Passed – Resolution Approved 12/02/13
Dearborn Heights Dan PaletkoCity of Dearborn Hgts

6045 Fenton

Dearborn Hgts, MI 48127

KrystinaLasloCity of Dearborn Hgts

6045 Fenton

Dearborn Hgts, MI 48127 Passed – Resolution Approved 06/24/14
Ecorse Kevin LawrenceCity of Ecorse

3869 W. Jefferson

Ecorse, MI  48229

City of Ecorse

3869 W. Jefferson

Ecorse, MI  48229 Passed – Resolution Approved  5/30/14
Lincoln Park Bob BartokCity of Lincoln Park

500 Southfield Road

Lincoln Park, MI  48146

City Engineer 
River Rouge David Bajorek, Attorney6715 Park Ave.

Allen Park, MI  48101

MichaelBowdlerCity of River Rouge

10600 W. Jefferson Ave.

River Rouge, MI 48218  Passed – Resolution Approved
Riverview Doug DrysdaleCity of Riverview

14100 Civic Park Dr.

Riverview, MI  48192

Kerry Morgan, AttorneyPentiuk, Couvreur & Kobilijak, P.C.

2915 Biddle  – Ste 200

Wyandotte, MI  48192 Passed – Resolution Approved 12/16/13
Romulus Roberto ScappaticciCity of Romulus

12600 Wayne Road

Romulus, MI  48174

Keith BocCity of Romlus

12600 Wayne Road

Romulus, MI  48174 Passed – Resolution Approved 4/28/14
Southgate Joseph Kuspa, MayorCity of Southgate

14400 Dix-Toledo Hwy

Southgate, MI 48195

Hennessey Engineers13500 Reeck Road

Southgate, MI 48195 Passed – Resolution Approved 12/18/13
Taylor Rick Sollars, MayorCity of Taylor

23555 Goddard Road

Taylor,  MI 48280

 David MackieCity of Taylor

23555 Goddard Road

Taylor, MI  48180  Passed – Resolution Approved 12/17/13
Van Buren Twp. DPW Interim DirectorJim Taylor

Van Buren Township

46425 Tyler Road

Van Buren Twp, MI 48111

Township SupervisorLinda Combs

Van Buren Township

46425 Tyler Road

Van Buren Twp, MI 48111 Passed – Resolution Approved 11/27/12
Wyandotte Joseph PetersonCity of Wyandotte

3131 Biddle Ave.

Wyandotte, MI  48192

MarkKowalewskiCity of Wyandotte

3131 Biddle Ave.

Wyandotte, MI  48111 Passed – Resolution Approved 12/16/13
Wayne County Facilities Management Division Director(Elmeka Steele)

400 Monroe, Ste 400

Detroit, MI  48226

Water QualityMgmt. Division Director(Kelly Cave)

400 Monroe, Ste 400

Detroit, MI  48226

Updated 11/10/14                                                                      DWR.jmc reps & alternates.doc

Downriver Sewage Disposal System Meeting…

*This coming Thursday, November 13th at 9:00am, the Downriver Sewage Disposal System / DSDS is meeting at the Taylor City Hall in their council chambers.  This meeting is open to the public.


The Cost Of Fixing The Flooding Problem Are We Ready For The Price Tag..

Identifying the flooding problem in Dearborn Heights is only the first part of the problem Are we as residents of Dearborn Heights ready to pay for the solution?

Found this today on Facebook.

Dearborn Residents: pay attention and share!

At the Mayor’s request, the Dearborn City Council has approved over $16 million in new addition spending to work on the failed sewer systems. The “CSO Project” has been an unmitigated disaster. The project has now cost Dearborn taxpayers over $300,000,000. This burden will be born by the taxpayers for over 30 years to come (over half a billion dollars with interest). The Dearborn City Council meeting minutes below include some details on these numbers.

The City raised property taxes again this year and raised the cost of parking tickets and is even now reallocating millions of dollars from the police department budget to pay for these failures.

As a result, Dearborn now has less than 175 full time officers on duty, 30 less than the charter mandate (205).

The sad reality is that the failure of the sewer systems have cost individual home and business owners an additional amount exceeding $300,000,000 in lost property and inventory. This number is likely to grow exponentially as the effects of toxic mold take a toll on the health and property of over 25,000 Dearborn residents, employees and business owners.

Such an epic failure must be accounted for. We must work together to bring residents the information they deserve and demand accountability.…/2522-oct-7-2014-regular-mee…

I understand the cost of fixing the problem here in Dearborn Heights is just as costly if not more. It’s not just for our City to my understanding this would include other City’s around us to pick up their portion of the “fix.” Are they willing or able to do that? Each city would have to take this to the voters for approval “tax increases” how many city’s around us would be willing to vote on increasing their taxes?  I can’t think of one project the city of Dearborn Heights that’s been done without  “overages.”

I’m hoping that what Grandma Suzane is doing with her investigation into where the water is coming from and going to might help. Let’s face it…If we don’t find out the REAL answers there’s no point spending money on it. In-order to get those answers someone from the City should sit down with Grandma Suzane go over what she’s uncovered and take it from there. Roll up your Pants put on your boots and start walking around these areas for yourselves. (Mr. Mayor) that means you. You represent us you are in charge get up and get out there and look for yourself. One commenter wrote on here that there is a big tree branch blocking some drain.  They’ve called the county and the county still hasn’t removed the branch. Have you Mr. Mayor called anyone? When’s the last time you went and looked at any of these places being discussed here on the blog. While you may not read the blog there are those that work in the City that do. For those of you that do please tell our Mayor what has been uncovered please start making some phone calls. I think 50 years is enough.

#flood2014 #flooddrbnhgts #flood #50isenough

Why We Flood? What Some Residents Have Uncovered.

Comment from Grandma Suzane.

Thank you Councilwoman Horvath for looking into this, I am glad to have you on board as what is happening to those of us in south Dearborn Heights is not only just wrong it is criminal.

Hopefully you can get the information we need. Since investigating this matter we have been lied to, misdirected, and plain ignored. Wayne County commissioner Diane Webb and Councilwoman Hicks-Clayton have asked the drain commissioner himself to give us answers to our questions and he won’t answer either one of them.

I truly believe that pumping station on Annapolis and Inkster Road is connected to the elusive Butler Drain that no one wants to admit is there. The Butler drain is listed in a lot of material I have researched but can’t seem to find it on any map. It starts somewhere around where Inkster Road crosses the Lower Rouge River and ends near where Inkster Road goes over the NBEC just north of Van Born . In a 2011 report the United States Army Corp of Engineers said it was a “major tributary to the NBEC”.

It is also interesting to note that a pump is located where the NBEC splits Banner Street just west of Telegraph. I just went there today to eyeball it.

Here’s the scenario. The Butler Drain discharges water under force into the NBEC. This causes the horrendous flooding on Hanover and streets due north that are west of Telegraph. Next this water hits the Banner Street Pump which is a grinding pump, meaning it chews up debris in the storm water so the NBEC will flow easier; however, this creates additional force in the water where it causes horrendous flooding for people on Hanover and streets north on the east side of Telegraph. Now the water keeps traveling eastward to where the Jackson Street pump starts spewing out sewer and storm water during a flood event so that water is pushed to where the NBEC goes under Southfield. Unfortunately that culvert at the Southfield Freeway is so clogged up, this rushing water rams it like hitting a brick wall and it backflows up the Ecorse Creek to make matters even worse for those people upstream from the Southfield Freeway.

We are not finished yet. You have all the water from above coming into the NBEC PLUS the Kelly-Douglas Drain which drains parts of Taylor and I-94. You can see where this drain disgorges into the NBEC. Go west on Van Born crossing over Beech-Daly, about 100-300 feet from Beech Daly you will see its opening coming from the south underneath Van Born Road where it meets up with the NBEC. There are also several industrial sites that drain their storm water into the Ecorse Creek via the Douglas-Kelly Drain..

Wait, still not finished. There are three drains that form the headwaters of the NBEC (Trouton, Freeman and Black Creek) that drains parts of Romulus and several industrial sites along their paths as they become one stream called the NBEC.

There is so much politics involved with this issue and the powers responsible do not want anyone to know the sources of all the water that is being blasted into our tiny creek. They keep with the same old mantra of it “was a very heavy rain that caused the flooding”; closer to the truth is like trying to dump 5 gallons of water in a 1 gallon bucket and complaining because you have too much water slopped out of it. The common sense answer is to stop putting 5 x more water into a bucket that can’t hold that amount or get a bigger receiving bucket..

Unfortunately, through all this researching I have learned more about politics, pumps, sewers etc. than I ever wanted to. Hmmm, politics and sewers, interesting thought.


#flood #flood2014drbnhgts

Motor Pool, and New Car For The Mayor of Dearborn Heights…

Well folks as I predicted some time back the Mayor would be asking for and getting a new car. He did and did. Council did approve a new car for him and his old car is going to become a car used as a ” motor pool car.” I’m sure anyone doing business on behalf of the City while working will be able to check out this car. They will have to check out the car I believe this will include logging the use of the vehicle where driven, mileage, etc. As I understand it the car will not be taken home happy to see that they are going to do this. No one working for the City should have to drive around in their personal car to do business on behalf of the city during working hours. That includes council members…I’ve never been able to understand why they have to drive all over the city in their own cars. I would like them to have access to the “motor pool.” However, I still disagree with some who are taking City cars home with them. I still feel that they can “check out” a car when they need to use one, but we still have people taking city cars home for no apparent reason except they are allowed to.