Laptop Study Session.

Not one person who works in this building for 9 hours wants to have to go home and work.

That may be true why then is the Clerk working at home after putting in a 9 hour day? That’s what he said at the Tuesday August 26, 2014 *CCM. For a very long time the Clerk had one full-time person in his office his self and a part-timer now however, he has a deputy clerk, a full-time person a part-time person and is interviewing for another full-timer. So why the need to take home a laptop computer? Why the need to work from home? What work isn’t being done in 9 hours? According to the Clerk he’s been working from home after having our IT people set up everything for him at his home. He’s been using his own computer and that computer has “fried” twice and he had to repair it. Councilman Berry who wasn’t comfortable with the Clerk taking anything home to do work on had the Laptop  taken out of the request for new equipment and the laptop subject was sent to a study session. Councilman Berry said if the equipment isn’t working and is out dated in the Clerks office it’s time to replace it. Buying him a laptop isn’t going to solve the problem.

The Clerk did say that every department head has the same problem when it comes to out dated equipment and that offices inside City Hall can’t even communicate with one another. The Clerk stated that he can’t type something in is office and have another office get it because they do not operate on the same systems. He all so said that they’ve been promised for years that new equipment is coming and it never does. All true statements as Ray Muscat said during the public section of the meeting,

I’ve been listening to you people talk about IT for the past 3 or 4 years that I’ve been coming to these meetings, and nothing ever gets done.

Around 3 years ago the City paid to have a study done on its IT that study cost the taxpayer over $30,000.00. Did the administration ever take advantage of the suggestions in that report? No. Shortly after that the Mayor announced to all the residents that the city wasn’t doing as well has he’d been telling us. Well the time has come take down that study dust it off and start dong the changes that need to get done. Mr. Mayor you’re boasting about a surplus budget well start spending that money on repairing what’s badly needed in the City. Start buying some new equipment for your people. Please don’t go with the cheapest crap out there buy something that’s going to last longer than a year. What about storing things in the Cloud where people who need to have access to it can find it from any device any place including their home. If an employee of the City elected or other wise want’s to work from home and it’s a secure connection they should, but on their own equipment.

Mr. Clerk if you can’t get what you need to get done in 9 hours then it’s time for you to look at your organization skills and find where the problem is. If however, you might be more comfortable working from your home, fewer interruptions and so on fine. That can be done on your own equipment. I’m sure there are many employees that would like to work from home and have the city pay for a new computer/laptop to do that work on. Council members us their own computers, laptops, iPads, and Tablets for all City business. They haven’t ever put in to fix their equipment, buy new equipment at home and so on.  I might have missed it, but I’ve never heard the Mayor put in for a computer at home, or his assistant. I’ve never heard the Treasure put in for equipment at home. I’ve never heard of one department head put in for any kind of equipment at home.

Council this is setting a precedent, if you approve this for the Clerk then be prepared to approve it for everyone else yourselves included. Don’t misunderstand me I would love to see Council members using Tablets or iPads at the council meetings. I’m not against upgrading and moving this city to the 21st century and by god it’s needed. What I do have a problem with is someone who say’s they can’t get their work done in a 9 hour work day. This might have been true when he was so short-staffed, but why not wait and see now that he’s gotten more workers in the office?   Need I remind everyone this coming from a man who one month ago ‘resigned’ at a public council meeting. He was adamant about leaving than in a blink of an eye decided to stay. What changed in a day? What if anything was he promised in order to stay? In a months time he after saying he didn’t want the job now is coming before the council asking the taxpayers to flip the bill for new equipment for him to work from home.

*CCM City Council Meeting

Does Anyone Have Supermans Number?


A question that a man asked at last nights council meeting when he took his turn at the microphone. He told a story of calling the police department for help to get evacuated out of his home during the flood. Him, his wife (whose 6 months pregnant) and their toddler. Water was coming into the house fast and they had no way out. When they called the police the dispatcher told him to,

“Call Superman. “

That’s why he was asking if anyone on the council, the chief of the police, department heads anyone if they knew Superman’s number. What a horrible way to be treated while watching water rushing into your home.

Just a tiny suggestion, do a little more hearing have just a little heart and feel just a bit when someone like this man is telling his story. A certain someone was in the back asking the chief of police,

“didn’t you lose two cars?”

His reply,

“no we lost 3 the fire department lost 2.”  

The chair had to say something to shut them up, but for the love of god couldn’t you just sit in silence. Couldn’t you just say I’m so sorry to hear that. Can anyone in this city ever just take responsibility for something as wrong as that? Wouldn’t it have been better for someone in this City to say, Sir we are sorry that happened to you. We will look into it pull the tape and if there was wrong doing we will make sure that there is a punishment for it. We will contact you and let you know what we’ve done. Was the earth going to stop rotating if a kind gesture was made? It’s down right sad to be honest there are no words for such heartlessness.  Well let’s all call 

Superman (313) 791-3490 ask for Superman aka the Mayor . 

I’m kidding, but if there is a number for this man to call it would be that number the City doesn’t have a Superman we have elected officials that are supposed to look out for the City and the residents that live in it. I don’t expect them to be Superman and woman.

I do expect them to have some decency, some just a tiny little bit of respect. Oh sorry I didn’t mean to use a bad word as I know the word respect is a very bad word to use in this City especially if you are expecting any. 


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13 Days Later and Most The Flood Claim Form Has Arrived.

At last nights CCM a man got up and said many things, but one thing that he kept asking was for an explanation as to why it took 13 days to get a flood claim form from the City? If you haven’t called the Mayors office and given your name and address to get a flood claim form you need to do that in order to file a claim with the City. After asking the council chair who had no explanation as to the why the assistant to the Mayor said from the back of the council chambers. We added a paragraph on the last page and the lawyers needed to look at it (something like that.) At that point not being able to stop myself I shouted out “it took them 13 days?” Not having seen a flood claim form from past flooding events I have no idea where they added the wordage to the form someone who has seen past forms said the form is the same that’s been used for the past 6 flood events. I tend to believe them. If lawyers working for this city took 10,7, even 5 days to look at a few lines added to a form they shouldn’t have a job with the City. It’s a pathetic attempt to dodge the real reason the reason we as residents will never know why it took so long. The administration not the council delayed the flood claim forms. The administration made the decision not to put those claim forms online for anyone with a computer to be able to print off a copy.   Insulting to every resident that’s been affected by the flood August 11, 2014. The gentleman asking all these question said “I’m not going away take your two weeks have your meetings behind closed doors look back at this tape and get me some answers to my questions.”

The question was posed to the council what if any is our plan for a flooding event? No answer from the council and the Mayor wasn’t at the meeting nor was Bob Ankrap who heads up CERT in the City. They were at a meeting with FEMA.  What are we as residents going to do about it? Will we just clean up and forget as has happened in the past? Are more people going to come to council meetings? Are more residents going to call out the Mayor for his lack of leadership? Are more of us taxpayers going to keep holding the councils feet to the fire and get the many things we’ve been asking for? Time will tell.

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We’re Not Asking We’re Demanding.

icon future past

City of Dearborn Heights and the elected officials in it we’re not asking we’re demanding that this city has a Facebook Page. We are demanding that you use Nixle or something like it. We are demanding that the City has a website that is easier to navigate, and reflects the year we live in 2014. We need to have live streaming council meetings that can be watched on our computers, laptops, tablets, or iPads. We’re demanding council meetings that can be watched where ever and when ever we want to from our devices. We’re demanding that you bring our City to the 21st century we are demanding that you stop standing in the way of progress. We demand that you work for us, you listen to us the rest of us who live Dearborn Heights.

There’s a council meeting Tuesday August 26, 2014  at City Hall  


Golani Pleads Guilty…

Former Crestwood Board of Education trustee Janey Golani, 54, of Dearborn Heights, pleaded guilty Aug. 14 to willfully filing false tax returns.

Golani was employed by Hind Oram as the office manager of several companies she owned, including International Outdoor Advertising, an Oakland County advertising company, according to court records. The information presented at the time of the plea showed that from 2006 through 2009, Golani began embezzling money from her employer which she used for personal gain, United States Attorney Barbara L. McQuade said in an announcement Aug. 15.
Golani’s sentencing is 10 a.m. Jan. 9 before U.S. District Court Judge Stephen J. Murphy, III. Read The Full Story Here

Some of you might remember back in 2011 when I first wrote about this here and the flood of comments that came in wanting my head. How dare I they said write about this wonderful woman blah, blah, blah. Well folks this is what was sitting on the Crestwood School Board for 9 years. The board when this was brought to their attention at the time refused to hear about it, do anything about it and were angry at the people who brought it up. Now in 2014 she’s pleading guilty.

Court documents obtained by The Arab American News state that Janey Golani, 59 of Dearborn Heights, who worked as a bookkeeper,  admitted under oath that she embezzled money from the plaintiffs by stealing checks.

Read the rest here